Meow! Cats inspired by Laurel Burch

This cat lesson was my very first lesson that I taught at EDS.  I remember standing in front of my 2nd grade group two years ago, feeling a little nervous that the kids wouldn’t end up liking their nonrealistic pictures of cats. Boy, was I wrong! The art lesson was a big success and the cats turned out phenomenal. I make a point of introducing each new group of 2nd graders with the fun and colorful artwork of Laurel Burch.

We started off by drawing a largely exaggerated cat face in the middle of our papers. We discussed facial features and added in our noses, cat-eyes, whiskers, mouths, and ears.  We outlined everything in white so that it would pop out on our black papers.



ImageAfter the drawing portion of our project, we examined the work of Laurel Burch. Children pointed out their favorite patterns, colors, and details throughout Laurel Burch’s artwork. ImageChildren divided their cat faces into 4 squares and filled each in each square with a different color or pattern. We practiced blending colors, making colors ‘pop’ by adding white, and creating contrast by shading/outlining with black. Take a look at their work in progress!






Stay tuned next week for finished cats! 🙂

-Mrs. Heinlein

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