Crazy Cats-> Complete!

2nd graders spent this week carefully completing their Laurel Burch inspired cats. I had one little boy ask me, “Mrs. Heinlein, since Laurel Burch sometimes made cats fly in her paintings, can I make my cat crazy too and give him red eyeballs?” The answer: Yes!

We discussed the importance of taking  your time as you finish a project. Kids sometimes see the finish line and like to rush, but in art it really pays off to finish slow and steady. I asked 2nd graders to make sure their pastels were blended in neatly and to outline their cats with black or white pastel, to make them pop out.




Of course, these young artists loved showing off their finished cats!


Some were VERY enthusiastic about their masterpieces….. 🙂



I filled the front office with as many cats as I could! Come check them out:)


-Mrs. Heinlein

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