8th Grade, Week 2: Color Theory Collage

As promised, here is a panoramic photograph of the finished self portraits from last week. We finished them on Monday.  I wish the quality was better in this picture…I will have to try taking another one. You’ll get to see them in real-life soon!


On Tuesday, 8th graders began their Color Unit. They reviewed and took notes on various color combinations and refreshed their color wheel knowledge.  Since our second art project involves collage, I introduced students to the artwork of James Rosenquist, an American pop art icon and collage artist.  I hoped his various compositions and arrangements may inspire 8th graders as they began putting together their own collages. (Side note: I got to meet Rosenquist in college, so it was fun showing off his artwork!) 



In our second project, “Color Theory Collage,” students chose their favorite color scheme from their notes (for example, primary colors.) They browsed through magazines and cut up images that fell under their color scheme criteria (red, blue, and yellow.)


Next, each student drew a rectangle in his and her sketchbook. As soon as enough magazine images were gathered, students began arranging and gluing down their pieces to form collages.



Last week’s gridding lesson came back into play when I asked students to “grid off” their sketchbook collages. We would be creating a grid of equal ration onto canvas in order to transfer the drawing of the collage.



8th Graders did a great job remembering last week’s gridding lesson and applying it to this week’s color collage. As soon as the image of their collage was transferred into a drawing on their canvases, students began applying their first coat of paint.


8th graders will complete their paintings and artist statements next week as we finish our Color Unit. Their artwork is looking great so far.

I hope everyone had a safe and peaceful Labor Day Weekend!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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