Adiós, Frida y Diego!


4th graders worked quickly and carefully to complete their Frida and Diego inspired artwork this week. [Click here to see the first part of this lesson: Working in groups: Frida & Diego.] There were a LOT of steps to complete, so I projected my instructions on the smart board and made laps around the room to assist and give advice.


  1. Blend oil pastels to color in the portrait of Frida.
  2. Cut out Frida’s head and shoulders and set aside.
  3. On a new piece of construction paper, splatter paint to create a  fun background.
  4. Glue Frida’s portrait onto the new colorful background.
  5. Use tissue paper to create flowers.



  1. Use oil pastels to blend and color in El Venedor.
  2. Cut out lily shapes from white paper. Glue into basket.
  3. Add color to the middle of each lily.
  4. Cut out El Velendor and glue to solid black background.


Job well done, 4th grade! Stay tuned for a new project next week.

-Mrs. Heinlein

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