Shaving Cream Impressionism: Claude Monet

ImageThis was my first time teaching this art lesson, but I have to admit, it was pretty fun! I taught 2nd graders about Artist Claude Monet. We discussed Monet’s upbringing in France, looked at pictures of his house and garden, reviewed his art career, and focused on his style.  This art project is all about his style, impressionism.ImageThere is a lot to be said about impressionism, but the main concept I want 2nd graders to take away is that impressionist painters paint quickly and let their brushstrokes show.  Impressionists paint outside and use the light to capture a fleeting moment. The fact that their paintings are textured and fuzzy make the paintings appear out of focus, as if they are moving.

ImageCan’t you feel the movement?

This week students studied and began to recreate Monet’s famous painting, Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. We created a horizon lines on our paper and started by painting blue and green horizontal brushstrokes for the pond. We mixed shaving cream into our paintings to help create a textured and impressionist effect. ImageImageImageImage

ImageImageAfter 2nd graders created horizontal water streaks for the pond, we moved up above the horizon line and painted vertical strokes in green colors to imitate Monet’s swooping willow trees.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

When the drying rack is full of thick, juicy, and vibrant paintings like this, I consider it a successful day in art! Not to mention, it smells great in here. Next week, we will complete our pieces by painting on a bridge and adding lily pad details.

-Mrs. Heinlein

“There is a Beauty that is lasting, and there is a Beauty that is fleeting— let us catch the passing type and render it immortal.” -Marie Schubert

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