Flying Away: Finished Butterflies

“Beautiful and graceful. Varied and enchanting. Small, but approachable. Butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life, and everyone deserves a little sunshine.” -Jeffrey GlassburgImageThis week, 1st graders completed their first project: Symmetrical Butterflies! Click here to see the link to the first part of this project: 1st Grade: Symmetrical Butterflies!. Children painted their backgrounds with green and yellow paint, addedoil pastels designs to their butterfly wings, and glued their butterflies to their backgrounds! Below, you can see 1st graders painting their backgrounds green and yellow.ImageImageImageFord was excited because he found his name in his newspaper-grass!Image

As their grassy backgrounds were drying, students added details to their butterflies using oil pastels.ImageImageImage

Here are some finished butterflies from students in 1B!ImageImageImageImageImageIn case you’re wondering, the picture above ^ was taken while the rest of the class was washing their hands in the restroom. The children weren’t wearing invisibility smocks.

Great work, 1st grade!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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