The Kindergarten Stars

Since I teach each Kindergarten class on a different day of the week, I will alternate between featuring K-1, K-2, and K-3 in my blog. This week, I took pictures of K-3 in action!ImageAs Kindergarteners walked into the Art Room for the first time, I projected a picture of The Starry Night on the Smart Board. Underneath this painting was a self-portrait of the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Many of the students immediately recognized the painting and some even pointed to the poster of The Starry Night hanging in the back of my classroom. ImageWe talked about the rolling stars, the thick paint, the cypress tree, and the city below. I asked Kindergarteners if this is what their sky looks like when they look out the window at night. Many children shook their heads no. I explained that when you are the artist, you don’t have to paint the sky exactly the way it looks to the naked eye. You can paint your sky the way you imagine it in your mind, with whatever swirls, shapes, and colors you like.  That’s your reward as an artist!

I demonstrated to children how to use chalk pastels. Many children had used wide cylinders of sidewalk chalk before, but this was many of their first times using thin sticks of artist chalk. We used our fingers as our brushes to blend in colors. Each child got a piece of black paper to fill with stars, swirls, moons, and other things you may see in the night sky.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter we were done, all of the students taped their stars onto a large sheet of black banner paper clipped to the front of the room. Look at the K-3 Starry Night Sky! At the count of three….say “Starry Night!” One…two….three!ImageThis was K-3’s first time in the Art Room and they did a great job! Have a great week.

-Mrs. Heinlein

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