Blown Away by Monet

2nd graders completed their Monet paintings this week in art. Last week, we got messy and crazy with shaving cream (Shaving Cream Impressionism: Claude Monet). This week, we carefully pulled our pictures together by painting in the fine details.  As you scroll all the way down, see as the paintings continue to progress. And prepare to be blown away. I know I was.

First, we used our skinny brushes and painted a bridge across our paintings. I reminded 2nd graders to use broken brushstrokes, almost as if they were sketching with a pencil, as they painted.Image

We painted skinny lines, alternating between white and blue. We also painted black lines to indicate shadows on our bridges. ImageImageImageImageImageOnce our impressionist bridges were complete, we focused on building up colors in our ponds. We added lily pads, streaks of blue, flowers, and tree reflections.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe close-up details are what blow me away the most. Can you see the shaving cream? ImageImageImageImageImageImageReady to see some finished pieces?ImageImageImageThese are so wonderful! I’ll be hanging some in the cafeteria, but they all deserve to be in frames.

Awesome job, 2nd Grade!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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