3rd Grade: Finishing our Trees

Image3rd graders were eager to get back their Gustav Klimt-inspired Trees of Life this week so that they could add more details and use more gold. It’s amazing how much children love to use gold. One child even proclaimed, “Mrs. Heinlein, when are we going to take these home? I am going to sell mine!” They acted very proud of their artwork and clearly understood the value of their pieces. To be honest, I think they just felt kind of fancy getting to use gold!ImageImageImageImageStudents picked up where they left off last week (The Golden Days: 3rd Grade Tree of Life) by continuing to fill in their pencil-drawn swirls with gold pastel and gold paint. I distributed gold paint this week so add some dimension and variety to their trees. Some of the kids enjoyed using the gold paint, but a majority felt more ‘in control’ with the oil pastel. ImageImage3rd graders sketched out shapes and patterns up and down the middle of their trees and added details (such as birds) in the branches. We filled in our details with colorful oil pastels and painted around the designs with gold paint.ImageImageWe may spend the first 5 minutes of class next week touching these up, but they are done for the most part! ImageImageImage

Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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