Finishing Georgia O’Keeffe

5th graders finished their O’Keeffe inspired artwork today! I am very proud of their work on this project.


Let’s rewind.

Last week, 5th graders painted their skull drawings using tints, tones, and shades (The Skulls of Georgia O’Keeffe: 5th Grade.) This week, we discussed backgrounds. I reminded 5th graders that the skulls were the focus point of our pictures, so we didn’t want to have incredibly busy or detailed backgrounds. Each student took a different approach. Painting the backgrounds gave 5th graders the freedom to distinguish their artwork from one another.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAfter the backgrounds were painted, 5th graders chose a subject from nature (flower, thorn, leaf, ect) to draw on a separate piece of paper. Students colored these in using chalk pastels.  The last step in this project was gluing the small drawing onto their paintings.ImageImage ImageImageImageImage

Didn’t they turn out great?


-Mrs. Heinlein

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