Paul Klee: Fish of the Sea


This week, 5th graders started a brand new project inspired by artist Paul Klee. After making an entry for Paul Klee in our Artist Booklets, we reviewed and discussed some of his artwork. I was thrilled when one boy noted, “His art looks kinda like Picasso’s art.” Cubism…hooray! These are connections that I’m happy to see children make. 

We started off the project by folding our paper into fourths both horizontally and vertically. Each student paid close attention to my instruction and ended up with 16 squares. From there, I distributed chalk pastel and discussed the checkerboard pattern. Rather than filling the squares in with alternating white and black, I showed kids how to alternate with solid color and stripes. By filling our squares with colorful solid colors and stripes, we would be creating a sense of cubism in our artwork that imitates the work of Paul Klee. 

Kids got straight to work.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Here’s a little glimpse for how I’d like this project to continue next week:Image

We will be drawing and coloring in cubist fish with oil pastel, cutting them out, and mounting them onto our checkerboard backgrounds. Aren’t they fun? 

Have a great week!

-Mrs. Heinlein


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