Hoot, hoot! Kindergarten Owls

ImageThe K-2 section of Kindergarten has been working really hard these last couple of weeks to come up with these autumn owls. I selected this project because I wanted to practice tearing, cutting, gluing, and pasting with these youngsters. First, we sketched out the body of an owl on our colorful sheets of construction paper. After that, we began tearing ‘feathers’ out of brown and black paper. ImageWe don’t use glue sticks in the art room. Instead, we use paintbrushes and cups of glue. This really surprised the kids! Some of us got a little messy as we transitioned into this new system of gluing! ImageImageKindergarteners didn’t care too much for ‘candid’ pictures I usually go for, either. Every time I came around with my camera phone, they instantly struck a pose or flashed a smile! Fine by me. 🙂ImageImageAfter our feathers were glued down on top of our bodies, we talked about shapes: circles for the eyes and triangles for the beaks. Everyone did a great job cutting out their shapes and gluing them down onto their owls.ImageImageImageHow do you think they did!? (Ps. Get ready for these faces. They were saying, “Hoot!”)ImageImageImageImageNot bad for our first collage project!

Have a great rest of the week!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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