Colorful Roosters: 4th Grade

ImageAs I was sorting through autumn-themed projects to work on with 4th grade, I ran into the picture below on the internet. The colors really popped out at me and I decided to use it as inspiration for our project.  I loved the idea of mixing an autumn associated image (rooster) with expressionistic colors.

I popped the image up on the smart board and asked students as they walked in,

“What makes this rooster surreal?” 


Students answered:

“The colors.” 

“The incorrect number of claws on the bird.” 

(Um….how many claws/talons are roosters supposed to have? I guess I’m not caught up on my Ornithology.)

I decided to focus on color:

“What about the color makes this rooster surreal?”

More hand shot up into the air.

“The colors are brighter.”

“Normal roosters usually have more browns and reds in them.”

Step by step, we began drawing our roosters together. We started in pencil and outlined in black chalk, so that pencil lines would be easier to identify. Image

We used lines to give the illusion of textured feathers in the bodies of our roosters. This was a little tricky for some kids, but most of them go the hang of it. The black and white roosters started looking pretty awesome. ImageImageImageImageImage

Once our roosters had texture, we began discussing color. Students started filling in certain details with colored chalk pastels.


We chose a couple colors to streak throughout the body, following the direction of our white chalk lines. This part was tricky because kids are always tempted to blend chalk pastels and rub in the colors with their fingers. It was important for kids to let the lines show so that the rooster’s textured feathers stayed intact. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

 Next week, we will carefully cut our roosters out and mount them on painted backgrounds.

Nice work so far, 4th grade!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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