4th Grade Roosters: Finished!

ImageLast week, we started our colorful rooster project. I’m happy to announce that we finished them this week! 4th graders were very eager to take their roosters home, but I held the artwork hostage so that I can display the roosters in the front office!

We started off class by cutting out our roosters from the black construction paper. This was tougher than it looks, due to all the jagged feather lines in the rooster tail. ImageImage

As they were cutting, students took their roosters up to the front of the room to pick out a background color. They placed their roosters against various backgrounds to determine which color made the colors in the rooster pop out the best.Image

Once their background colors were selected, students carefully glued their roosters to the middle of their pages.Image

We referred back to our original rooster from Week 1 to gather inspiration for our background designs. Using oil pastels, students created a surface for their rooster and a wallpaper pattern. Students understood that lines in the background would detract from the texture lines in the rooster!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


I LOVE them! Can’t wait to send them home.

-Mrs. Heinlein


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