Autumn Trees & Q-Tip Leaves


Kindergarteners have been learning about trees during these last few weeks in the art room.  I invited a couple of students to come up in front of the classroom to be my “tree” actors and actresses. We related tree trunks to our bodies, branches to our arms, and roots to our feet. I’m sure this was a review for them, but we sure had fun discussing the parts of trees!ImageAs we began our tree drawings, we searched for hidden alphabet letters within the branches. What letters make up the branches?  Finding identifiable lines, shapes, and letters within images make things a little easier to draw. Kindergarteners impressed me by pointing out Y’s, V’s, R’s, and even some W’s within the branches. Students began drawing their own trees. When they were done, they outlined them with brown marker.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Their tree drawings were so cute! After these were done, we put our smocks on and distributed Q-Tips. Each table got a plate filled with yellow, orange, red, and white.


I demonstrated how to dip the Q-tip in the paint, make a stamp on the branches, and mix colors. We found out what happened when white dots went on top of red dots (“Look, I made PINK!”) and what happened when red dots touched yellow dots (“ORANGE!”)


These little trees have so much personality! Kindergarteners will make paper frames for their artwork and take them home next week.


 One kid asked, “Mrs. Heinlein, can I make leaves falling from my tree and blow in the wind?”

I LOVED that question! YES!!!!

Have a Happy Halloween!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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