8th Grade: Completed Self Portraits!


Every time a project nears an end, I like to hold some kind of class critique. On Monday, I organized the self portraits-in-progress onto the rotating art display and paper clipped numbers (1-13) to the tops of the pictures. There were several students who did not participate in this class critique because they had a substantial amount of work to get done. ImageI printed out a sheet for students to fill out.  Each student had to analyze each portrait. Students had to list 3 things that the artist did a great job on and 1-2 things the artist could do to finish up their piece.  I wrote key vocab on the board that had to be included in critique comments: blending, value, grayscale, highlights, shadows, mid-tones, tints, shades, gridding, and proportion.  I was very impressed when I went though and graded critiques.  Comments stayed very positive…even the constructive ones.

ImageImageImageOn Tuesday, I critiqued each student’s work and distributed classroom critiques.  8th graders completed their self portraits and made adjustments to their pictures based on their feedback.  At the beginning of the quarter, I asked students to create a small watercolor painting of their favorite summer memory. Students cut out ovals from their paintings to fit over the eyes for sunglasses. Most of the students chose to color the background in with chalk pastel. Image

Here are all of the finished portraits from 8-1!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAren’t they awesome?

We spent the rest of the week starting our new project: Color Theory Collage. Pictures from the second project will be included in next week’s blog post.

Stay tuned!

-Mrs. Heinlein

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