Kindergarten: Celebrating Circles!


In The Dot, Vashti has little confidence in her ability to create. She stabs her pencil into her paper to create a little dot. When she walks into school the next day, her ‘dot’ was hanging in a gold frame behind her art teacher’s desk. This encouragement inspired her to collect a whole series of dot and circle inspired paintings: big, small, colorful….all of it! Image

This story was the inspiration for our Kindergarten “Circle Celebration.” Each K-class worked in teams with their tables: DaVinci, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Warhol, and Frida. Each table painted together on a large sheet of banner paper.  K-1 was in charge of painting a variety of black circles and dots on their paper: big, small, dotted, round, oval, crazy, spherical. 


When these circles were painted, K-1 drew a variety of LINES connecting their dots. Swirly lines, straight lines, curved lines, spiral lines, dotted lines, wavy lines…



K-2 was in charge of painting inside of the circles! We used thick brushes, thin brushes, round brushes, and flat brushes. 


Last but not least, K-3 added the glitter and oil pastel details. We talked about patterns (versus scribbles) and ways to embellish areas and backgrounds. We also stamped bubble wrapped dots and made 3-D circles out of pipe cleaners! ImageImageImageImage

I haven’t decided what will become of these fabulously intricate works of art. I may display them somewhere for awhile and recycle the paper to use in a future K- project. We may cut silhouettes of birds or Christmas trees out of the fun paper. Regardless of the end destination of this art, Kindergarteners had a blast contributing to their pieces, experimenting, and working together. 

-Mrs. Heinlein




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