Uncharted Territories & Fantastical Landscapes


I’ve always loved the contemporary artwork of German-based painter, Brigitte Dehue. She is a self-taught artist who is inspired by saturated colors and French landscapes. Her artwork is so bright and uplifting!ImageImage

My favorite pieces of hers are her fantasy landscapes. She uses a technique called color blocking that I love to teach children. She divides her landscapes into geometric shapes (squares and rectangles) and alters colors as she enters into these territories.  I love the patchwork element of her art and find that children pick it up really well.ImageImage

After learning all about Brigitte DeHue, 5th graders sketched out their own landscapes. Each landscape had to include a path that winds back into space. We discussed perspective, size, and proportion. 5th graders learned how to incorporate 3-D houses (cubes and triangles) into their drawings. Once these landscapes were sketched out, 5th graders had to draw various squares and rectangles on top of their compositions with rulers. We reviewed how to make the ‘most’ out of oil pastels (color blending and color popping) and 5th graders dove right in!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I was really interested in all the  new colors that 5th graders were blending. They got really involved in overlapping colors and some students even scraped layers away. Aren’t these neat explorations of color?ImageImage

Their finished pieces turned out amazing, too. Some of them are on display in the cafeteria! Image

And some close-ups from the group….ImageImageImage

Here are some more…


Don’t you just want to climb on in?Image

Nice work, 5th grade! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

-Mrs. Heinlein


4 thoughts on “Uncharted Territories & Fantastical Landscapes

  1. mrsheinlein Post author

    I’m sorry that I am just now seeing your reply! Yes- If you search Kristen Heinlein, or maybe I can try to find you. Again, thanks so much. The kids are thrilled that you saw this and we are very flattered 🙂


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