Winter Owls: 1st Grade

Image1st graders learned the following facts about owls:

1.) Owls can turn their heads ALMOST ALL THE WAY around! (270 degrees)

2.) Owls have asymmetrical ears.

3.) Many owls are nocturnal, which means they sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

4.) Baby owls are called owlets. 

5.) A group of owls can be called a parliament, study, or wisdom.

This art lesson was all about mixing tints, tones, and shades. 1st graders learned how to lighten colors by adding white, darken colors by adding black, and neutralize colors by adding grey. These aren’t your typical winter barn owls that are mainly white simply because I wanted students to add variations of brown into their paintings.

We started off by following the steps to tutorial “C” (the lower drawing) from the “How-To-Draw-This-Book.”Image

We started with the focal point: the eyes. 1st graders continued their drawings by allowing their swooping owl body lines to determine the shape and size of their owls. We sketched in texture lines to mark the owl’s feathers.  Once our sketching was done, 1st graders outlined their owls with white pastel so they would show up on the black construction paper.

For the painting portion of this lesson, I taught 1st graders the difference between a tint, a tone, and a shade. 1st graders experimented with mixing different colors and practiced adding highlights and shadows. One of their favorite part of this lesson involved creating texture lines for the feathers with plastic forks!


Some of the finished owls are on display in the cafeteria!ImageImageImageImage

I love how we all followed the same drawing process, but each owl turned out so unique and different. 🙂Image

-Mrs. Heinlein


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