Angels of the Renaissance: 5th Grade


With the holidays right around the corner, I figured it was the perfect time to introduce this angel-inspired Renaissance lesson to my 5th graders. Angels are wonderful symbols and religious icons in early Christian art.  They represent messengers and communication between God and man. Images of angels symbolize divine awareness, purity, love, faith, compassion, renewal, protection, and illumination. 

Silly as it may be, I showed 5th graders this image to help them remember at least 4 Renaissance artists at all time: 

ImageWhether or not they feel ‘too cool’ to admit it, 5th graders remember the names of the 4 Ninja Turtles: Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. For this particular art lesson, I added a new Renaissance artist to their list: Giotto. I showed 5th graders a variety of Giotto’s artwork and we discussed the difference between frescoes and murals.  We took a close look at the expressionist angels in Giotto’s Lamentation fresco. 

ImageUsing chalk pastels and gold paint, 5th graders embarked on their project. We drew our angels first in pencil and then outlined them with chalk pastel.


We practiced mixing skin tones with chalk pastel on the backs of our papers. Once students were happy with their skin colors, students filled in the faces of their angels. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Congrats to Banks for Work of the Week!Image

I will pass these out next week so that 5th graders can take them home in time for the holidays. Some of them are hanging up in the office and they look amazing!ImageImageImageImageImage


-Mrs. Heinlein

.                                                            ,
  |`.                                                        ,'|
  \_`-._                                                  _,-'_/
 ./ \-._`-._                                          _,-'_,-/ \,
 \._/._ `._>`-.__                                __,-'<_,' _,\_,/
 /_ \_.`-._\_-._ `--__                      __--' _,-_/_,-',_/ _\
  /._`\_./ _`_./`.-._ `-.                ,-' _,-,'\,_'_ \,_/'_,\
   \._`/ _/ _`_./  _/`\_ `.            ,' _/'\_  \,_'_ \_ \'_,/
    /._`/ _/ _`_./` _/ `\_ `\_      _/' _/' \_ '\,_'_ \_ \'_,\
     \._`/ _/ _`_./` __/  >.  `-.,-'  ,<  \__ '\,_'_ \_ \'_,/
       /_`/._/._`_./` __.`.-\_.-`'-._/-,',__ '\,_'_,\_,\'_\
             `\._`_./`\._/_/'    _   `\_\_,/'\,_'_,/'




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